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Truck & Rail Scales

Our lineup of truck and rail scales from Mettler Toledo includes highly accurate rail scales, over-the-road truck scales, and combination units that weigh both trucks and railroad cars. All of these scales are engineered to handle massive loads, feature high-strength structural components, incorporate cutting-edge load cell technology, and are built to last.

Designed for weighing individual rail cars, rail scales are available with steel or concrete decks and configurable for static or coupled in-motion weighing. All versions weigh rail cars safely, accurately, and reliably. Also offered in steel deck and concrete decked models, Mettler Toledo’s product line of over-the-road truck scales incorporate proven weighbridge designs and premium POWERCELL® PDX® load cells that feature industry leading accuracy and reliability. Recommended for applications that involve weighing both types of vehicles, combination scales feature a double-duty weighbridge that combines a platform for weighing trucks with a static railcar scale. All scales feature predictive diagnostics and integrated lightning protection systems to safeguard your equipment.