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Repair & Calibration

Repair Calibration Cleaning
Repair Calibration Cleaning

Why Calibrate?

Every day, industries throughout the world perform a huge number of measurements. The results of these measurements are used to make decisions that could affect people's lives both personally and in the workplace. In many industries, including pharmaceutical manufacturing and other life science businesses, companies take measurements throughout the various stages of the product life cycle to ensure product integrity. The certification and calibration of instrumentation, combined with a robust calibration management system, helps achieve product integrity throughout all production processes.

Quality Digest Magazine, June 2008

To get the maximum benefit from any weighing system, it must be properly installed, calibrated and maintained.

The staff at Porter Scales can provide you with experienced, personal service for all of your weighing equipment, regardless of manufacturer or application. All weighing applications are unique, which makes documentation of performance crucial.

Calibrations are performed by trained technicians using NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable weights and approved procedures.

  • Our sales and service representatives are experts in the field of weighing equipment. This ensures that your system is correctly installed, adjusted and connected to peripheral equipment. During service, all functions will be configured to meet application requirements; all communications with peripherals will be tested; sequences will be set to improve operator productivity; and operational and maintenance procedures will be reviewed with the end user.
  • After calibration, we will provide you with a certificate which confirms the device accuracy. The certificate will document the reference weights, which are traceable to certified standards; testing for accuracy throughout the weighing range of the device; confirmation of accuracy at various positions on the scale platform; and a record of industry and/or regulatory tolerances.
  • We offer regular calibration service scheduled according to your needs to provide consistent preventive maintenance and certification of your equipment. Benefits include confirmed weighing performance; documented evidence of accuracy to avoid non-compliance in quality audits; cost control and budget predictability; reduced product giveaway and/or over-charges; and lower out-of-specification product liability.