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Laboratory Balances

XP 11 Laboratory Balance
XP 11 Laboratory Balance

Robust laboratory balances from Mettler-Toledo offer exceptionally accurate performance for a multitude of analytical and measurement applications. Along with intuitive operation, all of their laboratory balances incorporate an impressive amount of functionality in a small footprint device. On the leading edge of technical breakthroughs in measurement performance, these feature-rich instruments redefine the standards of precision for laboratory equipment.

Our lineup of analytical balances includes fully featured models with capacity up to 520 g that automatically generate traceability documentation as well as entry-level versions that provide all the essential functionality needed in a busy laboratory. With remarkable stability that allows for high-speed weighing with accurate, reliable, and compliant results in the sub-milligram range, precision balances are an excellent choice for any daily weighing task. For measuring sample quantities weighing as little as 30 μg, micro and ultra-micro balances incorporate Mettler Toledo’s Active Temperature Control system (ATC™), for improved stability and a superior level of performance and accuracy.