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Floor Scales

With the large selection of models we have available, there is a Mettler Toledo industrial floor scale with the right mix of features for your industrial application. Offered in custom sizes and flexible configurations, these ruggedized scales provide repeatable, smart weighing solutions for dry or wet environments. There are many models approved for use in hazardous areas, as well as stainless steel hygienic versions that safeguard your process while tolerating frequent washdown. Engineered to deliver reliable weighing accuracy, all Mettler Toledo floor scales are sturdily constructed to withstand heavy forklift traffic and other demanding industrial conditions.

Offered in variations that handle maximum loads from 500 to 20,000 pounds, floor scales are available in a range of platform sizes suitable for drums, totes, reactors, and other vessels or containers. They incorporate various load cell and sensor technologies, and are NTEP certified to guarantee highly accurate weighing for every application. From shipping and receiving to general manufacturing and industrial processing, Mettler Toledo floor, pallet, and low-profile floor scales are simple to operate, easy to clean, and built to last a lifetime.